Klezmarachi: When Jewish music meets Mexican folk traditions

Trio Mariachi Jalisciense, Gordon Bronitsky, Chuy Martinez, James de Champlon, and Duke City Hora

Heartfelt Mexican music in Spanish and soulful Yiddish music from Eastern Europe

Together as ONE powerful and wonderful musical experience.

Trio Jalisciense is Albuquerque's only professional mariachi trio.

Duke City Hora is an Albuquerque based Klezmer band playing music of the Ashkenazi Jews.

Klezmarachi is a fusion of these two groups produced by Gordon Bronitsky and James de Champlon.

Klezmarachi was recently recorded at the Disney Theater at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque (video is forthcoming), and performed live at the Casa Barelas Community Centre:

  1. Texas Polish Polka
  2. El Garabato, a traditional Mexican Polka
  3. Di Sapozhkelekh (Las Botas / The Boots), a Yiddish folksong sung in Yiddish and Spanish
  4. Las Perlitas, a traditional Mexican Polka
  5. Somos Novios, a popular love song performed in Yiddish and Spanish.

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