Two new volumes of critical essays on contemporary law, co-edited by Fulbrighter Anja Matwijkiw

Fulbrighter Anja Matwijkiw (Sweden, 2019/20) has published two co-edited collections of interdisciplinary essays about contemporary issues in legal studies.

Law, Cultural Studies, and the “Burqa Ban” TrendLaw, Cultural Studies, and the “Burqa Ban” Trend: An Interdisciplinary Handbook, ed. by Anja Matwijkiw & Anna Oriolo (Cambridge-Antwerp-Chicago, Intersentia, 2021)

This book offers an in-depth account of the "burqa ban" trend, bringing together law and cultural studies. With a focus on Europe and America, leading academics and professionals provide insights to value and identity politics, diversity, discrimination, human rights and the discussions surrounding the national and international courts' contradictory judgments. Contributors include Rt Hon Lady Hale DBE (formerly Supreme Court of the United Kingdom), as well as researchers from the United States and across Europe.

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Biolaw and International Criminal LawBiolaw and International Criminal Law: Towards Interdisciplinary Synergies, ed. by Caroline Fournet & Anja Matwijkiw (Leiden: Brill-Nijhoff, 2020)

The originality of this volume lies in the interdisciplinary synergies that emerge through the issues it explores and the approaches it adopts. It offers legal and ethical reflections on the criminal qualification of a series of conducts ranging from human experimentation and non-consensual medical interventions to organ transplant trafficking and marketing of human body parts. It also considers procedural matters, notably related to psychiatric and medical evidence. In so doing, it combines legal and other types of conceptualizations to examine such contemporary issues as rights of the LGBTIQ population, access to medical care, corporate criminal liability, rights of children and Islamic jurisprudence.

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