'Performing Arts Teaching Materials and Methods & Business Organization Facilitation Techniques’ by Sheng-Tao Fan (Taiwan, 2009/2010)

'Performing Arts' book jacket

This monograph, Performing Arts Teaching Materials and Methods & Business Organization Facilitation Techniques (Wu-Nan Culture Enterprise, 2021), contains ten chapters and almost 170 thousand words. It is organized as four sections: theoretical concepts, school instructions, organizational culture, and references. The author argues that performing arts as teaching materials and methods in school can arouse learning interest and increase learning effect; as facilitation techniques in business can change organizational behavior and lead human resources innovation. This monograph demonstrates applying drama into two specialized curricula of performing arts in pre‐service teacher education and one interdisciplinary curriculum can advance teaching innovation. This monograph also designs “Improvisational Creativity Training Module” for junior high school teachers’ in-service training course to improve teacher professional development. In addition, this monograph provides thick description and analysis for three facilitation techniques, including The Samurai Game®, Business Organization Systemic Constellations, and Shamanic Drumming Circles by using three forms of performing arts: drama, dance, and music. This monograph has three characteristics: First, coin “Interdisciplinary Performing Arts Facilitation Model;” Secondly, give consideration to both local practices in Taiwan and top cases in the world; Third, balance teaching practice, academic research, and industry‐academia application.

About the author

Dr. Sheng-Tao Fan was a 2009/2010 Fulbrighter in the United States to receive his Ph.D. in Communication Studies and Performance Studies. Dr. Fan is currently an Associate Professor of the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts and Bachelor Degree Program of Performing Arts at National Taiwan Normal University where he mainly teaches Theatre in Education as well as Arts and Business Cooperation. Dr. Fan recently published his second book, Performing Arts Teaching Materials and Methods & Business Organization Facilitation Techniques in Mandarin Chinese by Wu-Nan Culture Enterprise (February, 2021).

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