Fulbrighter defines key principles for building sustainable programs for racial minorities

Adam Davids (Australia, 2019/20) has launched new research identifying six key attributes that enable social and economic justice organisations to be sustainable and impactful.

"Research shows that widespread racial inequality hasn’t improved by several measures in many parts of the world. However there are institutions that have demonstrated incredible success and my vision is to help stimulate the sustainability and impact of these movements. This research offers some fundamental ingredients for programs to scale and sustain their initiatives to deliver true racial justice" - Adam Davids

Davids’ research developed from a recognition that not-for-profits (NFPs) and programs set up for Aboriginal people in Australia have historically struggled to realise their potential. His research delves into the strategies and behaviours of highly effective institutions that serve racial minorities in the USA that have demonstrated longevity and are widely recognised for their impact.

Davids secured a Fulbright award taking him to the USA, where he interviewed staff and executives from historical NGOs. These interviews led to the defining of six key attributes that form the core of Davids’ research.

The six attributes

The six attributes diagram

The six attributes to promote sustainability and impact that Davids identifies are:

  • Genuine leadership
  • Local ownership
  • Purposeful partnerships
  • Robust business
  • Leverages decision makers
  • Simple program.

The application of this research is multi-faceted because not only does it offer insights to NFPs but it can also be used by Foundations, Governments and Corporations as they reflect on the programs they are invested in and the robustness and inclusivity of their efforts towards racial justice.

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About the author

Adam Davids is the Director of Learning, at CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program and also serves on the Board of Directors at Social Ventures Australia. He is a proud Aboriginal Australian and descendant of the Wiradjuri people. He is a Fulbright Scholar and for more than 12 years has worked in the non-profit sector to address the barriers facing Indigenous students in higher education and professional careers.

If you're interested in embedding these principles in your programs and/or contribute to Adam's ongoing research in this area please reach out to him.

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