Snapshot: Oussou Kouame Remi (Cote d'Ivoire, 2018/19)

Jun 24, 2020
Book cover for Guide to a Great Career

My COVID-19 information campaign made me grow closer to my local community, because it was also an opportunity to share and put to work my knowledge and expertise in Workforce Development

Humphrey experience

If I had to choose one memory that most encapsulates my Humphrey Fellowship experience, it would definitely be when as a group we went to Pittsburg and walked the whole Lincoln itinerary from where he slept before the famous Address to the Pittsburg cemetery, including the seminary on leadership.

Guide to a Great Career

Guide to a Great Career full book jacket

There was one main reason that inspired me to undertake this project: I wanted to be of help to students and graduate students, maybe because I had a very hard time getting a job myself.

I am handicapped so, believe it or not, I faced a difficult time in spite of the hard work I have been putting into my studies (a Ph.D, a Master's Degree, being able to write, speak, and understand English, Spanish, German, and Japanese).

And then again, the HHH Fellowship in 2018/19 came as a godsend. Still, I have to point out that I crafted the first draft of this book when I was in Germany in 1999 (1998-2002).

COVID-19 in Cote d'Ivoire

The COVID-19 Campaign in 9 villages and 2 big camps of the Sous-prefecture of N'douffoukankro (Marahoue Region) was an exciting experience. Actually, it made me grow closer to my local community, because it was also an opportunity to share and put to work my knowledge and expertise in Workforce Development acquired in the USA with villagers, including students.

With this said, the COVID-19 situation in Cote d'Ivoire looks grim, particularly in Abidjan, the capital city where the number of cases is still on the rise in spite of declaring alternatively lockdown, deconfinement, and reconfinement.

Authorities are struggling to sensitize people but are facing a major hurdle: people's lives and works draw them to mingle with others in addition to negligence to maintaining barrier gestures. Emphasis must be put on sensitization, mainly wearing face masks and washing hands, and that is what our whole campaign was all about.

A Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow at Penn State (2018-2019), USA, Dr. Oussou Kouame Remi is an assistant professor of sociology, anthropology, and English at University Alassane Ouattara'Bouake  (Cote d'Ivoire).

In addition to his teaching, grading, and supervising role, he is the coordinator of the Task Force dedicated to guiding, orienting, nurturing, coaching, mentoring, and finding career development opportunities for students.

Before joining this higher education institution in 2012, he was a Political Analyst and M&E Officer at UNDP - Bangui, in the Central African Republic after completing a Master's Degree Program in Peace Studies and International Development at International Christian University (ICU), Tokyo, Japan, thanks to a scholarship granted by the Rotary Foundation.

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