Snapshot: Tiago de Melo Cartaxo (Portugal, 2018/19)

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I kindly invite all Fulbrighters who are interested in environmental and climate issues to be part of the new Environmental & Climate Law group, where together we will certainly make the difference.

Fulbright memories

From my Fulbright experience, I would choose all those memories connected to meeting different people (from different backgrounds) and sharing ideas and points of view with them. In fact, in less than one year, I received at my University in Lisbon three colleague professors from Louisville, and some others were also invited to participate in webinars and distance-learning sessions that I have organized. Exchanging knowledge and experiences with different professors, colleague researchers, students, and even with other people I met in several places certainly was the best part of the period in the US. My supervisor also gave me the excellent opportunity to visit places and experience the culture and the flavors of the US, while working together and discussing my research. Therefore, I feel that I was extremely lucky in this program. I will always be very grateful to my supervisor, to all those who received me so warmly in the University of Louisville, and to Fulbright officers and workers, for all their support, kindness, and availability. After this experience, I returned home much more capable to conduct my future work and research within international forums, where promoting and respecting diversity is a paramount element.

Environmental and Climate Change Law and Regulation

Environmental and Climate Change Law and Regulation are becoming extremely important areas of study and research around the world. From energy to transport, biodiversity or environmental rights, the fields of sustainability and social-ecological resilience are increasingly transversal issues, which are studied by various Fulbrighters in different universities and knowledge centers. These reasons inspired me to create a new group in Fulbrighter: Environmental & Climate Law. It intends to put environmental legal researchers together to debate current and cutting-edge topics in these fields. As a lawyer and an academic in legal areas, I believe that this group is an opportunity (for me and other Fulbrighters) to share new governance ideas and legal solutions, being part at the same time of this green and low carbon legal future. The world and next generations expect this effort from ourselves, in this time that climate change and other problematic issues, such as the recent pandemic Covid-19, need rapid and effective answers. I kindly invite all Fulbrighters who are interested in environmental and climate issues to be part of this group, where together we will certainly make the difference.

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Being an environmental lawyer and researcher, one of greatest inspirations for my work and research was the American biologist and conservationist Rachel Carson. In fact, it was her work and especially the publication of her book Silent Spring that was one of the rallying points for new movements in the legal field and the ecological wakening of the international community in the 1960s, which eventually led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. What environmental law is today was shaped by what Carson has taught us. Therefore, no environmental law academic program or course can be given to students without mentioning her and the importance of her work for grassroots environmentalism and modern local, national, or international environmental governance and regulation. For these reasons, Rachel Carson will always be a major reference for environmentalists and those who work with the conservation of nature.

Tiago de Melo Cartaxo is a Sustainability & External Affairs Officer for NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab and a PhD researcher in Law at NOVA School of Law, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he is waiting for the discussion of his dissertation, in the area of environmental rights and urban resilience. At that school, Tiago is also a research member of the Research and Development Center on Law and Society, where he founded NOVA Law Green Lab. He is a lawyer and a planner, having been a visiting researcher at the University of Surrey (UK) and at the University of Louisville (US). Tiago has worked in law firms and local and national governments, in the areas of economy, environment, and spatial planning. He is a member of the Committee on Sustainable Development and Green Economy of the International Law Association.

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