¡Hola! My name is Lisandra Novo and I am getting ready to begin my year as a researcher in Spain. I will be researching the proposed amendment to the Law of Historical Memory that contemplates creating a truth commission to investigate human rights violations from the start of the Civil War (1936) through the end of the Transition (1978). It’s a unique opportunity to research the legacy of mass atrocities and society’s handling of them decades after a transition to peace and democracy. ⁠

I was born in Cuba and came to the US as a child with my family as political refugees. I earned my B.A. in Latin American Studies in 2012 from NYU where I wrote my thesis on the trial in Argentina that led to the annulment of the country’s amnesty laws covering the Dirty War. After college I had 3 jobs in 4 years (!) in both the public sector (human rights) and the private sector (international arbitration). I’ve just finished my J.D. from Harvard Law School where, among other things, I worked on an historic trial in the U.S. seeking accountability for extrajudicial killings in Bolivia in 2003.

I am very excited to begin my Fulbright experience and want to encourage everyone to apply to the program (and to any other opportunity you’re thrilled about)! A great piece of advice I received from a mentor once was that you should never be the one to deny yourself an opportunity by not even trying.

Good luck!

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