My name is Sharaldine Francisco and I was a 2016-2017 Fulbright ETA grantee in Madrid, Spain. I'm a proud #firstgen #DominicanAmerican, born and raised in #NYC. I graduated in 2016 from @dickinsoncollege, where I double majored in History and Latin American Studies. ⁠

While at Dickinson, I studied abroad in #Ecuador and #Argentina with a #GilmanScholarship. It was through this experience that I learned more about Latin America's shared histories of war and systematic violence, and became seriously interested in how and why different communities choose to publicly remember or forget difficult histories. While my #LatinAmericanStudies thesis compared and contrasted the Chilean and Argentinian #collectivememory processes in remembering their final military dictatorships, my #History thesis assessed the Spanish collective memory process in remembering the #SpanishCivilWar. This venture into serious Spanish scholarship moved me to apply for a #Fulbright to #Spain in 2015.⁠

As a #FulbrightETA in a #Madrid secondary school, I headed the #ModelUN program and introduced reformed/new units on the Spanish Civil War, the Spanish conquest, and Latinx literature, which included engaging class projects and field trips to cultural & historical sites. These experiences taught me that #publicengagement is a vital means of uncovering the traumas of the past that remain unspoken and disputed for many communities. For this reason, I've recently enrolled in @brownu to pursue a Master's in Public Humanities @publichumans. I hope to work towards building on the best public practices for #historicaldiscourse in pursuit of acknowledgement and reconciliation of histories of war and violence in a meaningful and responsible manner.⁠

In addition to building bridges between the #USA and Spain, being a part of @fulbright_spain helped me build bridges between the cultures that make up my own identity by delving into Spain’s colonial legacy and the experiences of my great-grandparents, who were Spanish Civil War #refugees. For this, the professional path that I'm on today, and much more, I am forever grateful for @the_fulbright_program!

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