Jonathan Peraza Campos – 2018-2019, ETA, Guatemala

My name is Jonathan Peraza Campos, and I am a U.S. Salvadoran/Guatemalan currently teaching and doing research in Guatemala as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Fellow. Based in Atlanta, I organize around racial, immigrant, and educational justice and teach Latinx history to youth. In Guatemala, I am studying race and racism in Guatemala and am the Migration Contributor for Central American News (@centamnews).

As a teacher at an English language school in Guatemala, I am trying to disrupt my students’ and other teachers’ perceptions that the United States is a white, wealthy, and perfect English-speaking country by exposing them to the multiracial, multicultural, and multilingual diversity and history of the U.S. through my Multicultural U.S. class and my multicultural reading club where we read the work of diverse writers and ways of speaking English.

However, I want to leave behind a resource for Guatemalan teachers to learn how to apply multicultural perspectives in their study of the English language and U.S. cultures. That is why I am asking YOU to contribute to international Ethnic Studies and multicultural education by contributing your lesson plans and ideas for “The Multicultural U.S. (Us) Teaching Manual: Applying Ethnic Studies and Global Englishes in International English Language Programs.”

Please contact me through, Instagram (@hijo_diasporico), or Facebook to ask me questions and for intent to submit.

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