Call for Coordinators and Speakers: iExChange 2020

IExChange is a day long celebration of the value of international education exchange programs through a TEDx style conference in Washington D.C. in late April/early May 2020.

  • Speakers will share personal narratives and anecdotes of how, specifically, their international exchange experience empowered them to achieve their own personal and professional ambitions.
  • Study abroad offices and representatives from more than 100 universities across the country will be given exclusive access to organize viewing parties and watch this conference live via video streaming.
  • Attendees will sign up for break-out sessions, seminars, and workshops on better application writing, programmatic partnership development, and career planning, among others.

Our goal in collecting and sharing these stories is to demonstrate how you too can translate your international experience into meaningful insight and action.

Get involved

Find out how you can get involved with this event:

  1. Interested in helping us coordinate the event? Click here for the Call for Coordinators
  2. Interested in being a speaker? Call for Speakers is now OPEN
  3. Interested in attending IExChange 2020? Registration coming soon...
  4. Interested in volunteering on the event day? Volunteer applications coming soon...


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