'Fulbrighter: Net Working?': the O.G. social network goes digital
A conversation on Digital Wellness led by w4rner.
November (2/2): pre-detox. Theme: 'The Role of Hi-Tech in Social Media'. (Previous article)

'The Role of Hi-Tech in Social Media' on… The Internet

Here’s two more even earlier-stage products trying to put mindful design > fancy hi-tech, which could surely do with y’all support:

  1. Sido Adnani is a former Silicon Valley technologist who is trying to create a social media experience that takes better account of IRL interactions: reelfriends.app
  2. Our very own Contributor Lina Quiceno has a start-up which is hoping to build user-friendly digital analytics which are simple and respect privacy, a little bit like UseFathom.com. It’s currently called, Ukujula.com, but she hopes to rebrand for the US market.

'The Role of Hi-Tech in Social Media' on… The Fulbrighter Network

It’s not too late to contribute your thoughts: please go and complete the survey by the end of the week!

Here’s a reminder of my top 3 recommendations:

  1. Remove the Like feature
  2. Integrate with existing social media
  3. Share basic analytics with users.

Posts of the Month

1. ‘Humans of Fulbright’.

2. 'Promoting Thinkpiece’

3. ‘Invitations to engage’

  • Speaking of trying to put hi-tech & social media discussion to good use, some Fulbrighters led by Jon Bannon are trying to get a Fulbright sub-community active on ClimateChange.ai. Introduce yourself there and mention him, and he will add you to the group.

Fulbrighter Feature of the Month: Mobile App

Following up on my suggestion for a more pared-down UX. A great point of reference is my first public iOS app ‘Dinner Spinner’, which I will release next month as part of FastFeedApps. It does one thing (randomises nearby food choices) very well, and doesn’t do much else. 

If there was one feature the native app version of Fulbrighter focussed on: what would it be for you?

If there was one feature the native app version of Fulbrighter focussed on: what would it be for you?

Next month’s Feature: ‘Map/Directory’ (Hivebrite claims its best feature!)

Next month’s Theme: ‘Privacy & Publicity

Catch you on the flipside,


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Fulbrighter: Net Working? is a 2019 series of bi-monthly articles published on the public Fulbrighter news page. It aims to encourage discussion within the Fulbrighter community about how we can make the most of our unique opportunity to co-design a healthy social media space.
Project Lead: w4rner (UK Fulbright Scholar ’17-19) is a tech designer with a particular interest in radical innovations towards Digital Wellness. Their Fulbright Master’s Research explored the new phenomenon of Smartphone Dependence. Connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, (and most importantly) Fulbrighter!
Contributors: Rob Ellis, Lina Quinceno.

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