'Fulbrighter: Net Working?': A Digital Wellness perspective on the O.G. Social Network going Digital

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Rich & Original Content on… The Internet

1) Video: We released this interview with musician D.Long. Really fascinating hearing young people talking candidly about their experience.

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2) Longform Writing: I submitted my Master’s thesis this month (longform writing if ever there was some!). This marks the culmination of my Fulbright Master’s experience, exploring the concept of Smartphone Dependence, both inside & outside of the classroom. I’m so grateful to my donors, and to the community as a whole, and it’s a pleasure to be able to give back with these posts.

Rich & Original Content on… the Fulbrighter Network 

What’s becoming clear is that (unlike me) most Fulbrighter users are not crafting original content for this platform, but are rather using it to share their content from elsewhere in a way targeted towards Fulbrighters.

Last month I shared a couple of Rob Ellis’s suggestions for content types people could try out. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by what we’ve seen since. Here are my favorite picks (this might become a regular feature).

1. (Visual) ‘Humans of <insert location here>’. 

Fouzia Zayou & co Standing For Fulbright

Mailé Nguyen introducing the Korea ETAs

2). (Written) 'Medium.com article’. 

Fellow News & Reflections piece: “Why I left living in China hopeful for Democracy”

Iftikhar Ahmad promoting his article on the gig economy

(video, not written) Susannah Remillard’s TEDx talk on difficult histories

The most heartening examples of Fulbright-focussed content have been crowdsourcing requests. For example, Ayesha Batools call for real photos from your window.

Let’s help her out, otherwise she will have to go ask the ‘bookie!

Fulbrighter Feature of the Month: Trips (cont.)

Next month’s Feature: native mobile apps vs. web app. (I’m an iOS user & developer… for 3 weeks of the month at least. If any Android UX enthusiasts want to guest, please reach out!)

On second try of sharing my trip to Laurene.Link/pydata-nyc (where I’m giving a Lightning Talk on turning Facebook’s hacker techniques on themselves) I finally got a DM from a Fulbrighter… but back in Chicago! 

I was hoping this feature might show promise for bringing people together right place, right time. Please comment if you’ve had a success story!

See you on the flipside



w4rner (Laurence Warner) is a Digital Wellness activist, whose Fulbright funded Master’s Thesis focusses on Smartphone Dependence. LinkedIn, Twitter 

Fulbrighter: Net Working? is a series of his bi-monthly posts syndicated on the public Fulbrighter news page. It aims to encourage discussion within the community about how we can make the most of our unique opportunity to co-design a healthy social media space: Fulbrighters are encouraged to comment!

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