'Fulbrighter: Net Working?'. A Digital Wellness perspective on the O.G. Social Network going Digital

Oct 07, 2019
Previous article. October (1/2 pre-FirstWeekFlipPhone). Theme: Rich & Original Content.


Facebook is experimenting with hiding likes. I Like that! 

As Cal Newport masterfully outlines in his chapter “Don’t Click Like”, the digital thumbs-up has become a lazy replacement for meaningful engagement online. So pls comment! I’m making a commitment to respond to (or report :P) every comment I receive within a month. 

This got me thinking about the richer original content the FirstWeekFlipPhone.com project has inspired our Detoxers to produce: 

The digital thumbs-up has become a lazy replacement for meaningful engagement online

1). Video: For folks who took the #SmartphoneDetox, we did video interviews about their experiences. What we ended up with were some really candid discussions of mental health, and how it’s impacted by social media. We’re releasing this interview with musician D.Long post #SmartphoneDetox, which you can Subscribe to our channel to see! 

2). Longform Writing: Still basking in the warm glow of my brother’s brilliant retrospective of his experience http://flipph.one/jeremy-medium. Are there any publications interested in this piece? Please share! 

To promote this sort of content, my fellow team leader through the Social New Venture Challenge @Abe Pandit and I, will begin releasing a bi-monthly mailer, on the same schedule as these posts, called #GetPhoneSmart, after our online course of the same name.

Application to Fulbrighter Network 

I’ve been delighted to be invited to contribute to the UK Fulbright Alumni Council. We had a discussion on ways we can boost engagement with this platform. Many of you may not know who @Rob Ellis is, but you deserve to because we wouldn’t be reading this post if it wasn’t for his incredible efforts to push for adoption of this platform. If you’re new to this platform and looking for some inspiration of what to post, here's Rob's recommendations: 

1. (Visual) ‘Humans of <insert location here>’. Fulbrighters are great storytellers, and our international perspective gives us great scope. My photographs tend to be a little more abstract, so I’ll stick to: 

2). (Written) 'Medium.com article’. http://flipph.one/jeremy-medium makes for a fantastic source. of inspiration. If people raise their game in terms of posts, we must support them and respond in kind with more engaged responses too! 

Feature of the Month: Trips (cont.)

I’m a Digital Minimalist, meaning I primarily value the digital world for the value it adds me in the real world

From my two Trips posted: responses = 0. Has anyone else had a better experience?! For me, this could be this app's killer feature. I’m a Digital Minimalist, meaning I primarily value the digital world for the value it adds me in the real world: and being able to meet the right people face-to-face is phenomenal. So, this month, I’m giving it another chance with New York City! 

 Let me know if you’ve got a request for a Feature of the Platform to discuss in November (otherwise it will be: iOS mobile app). 

See you on the flipside



w4rner (Laurence Warner) is a Digital Wellness activist, whose Fulbright funded Master’s Thesis focusses on Smartphone Dependence. LinkedIn, Twitter 

Fulbrighter: Net Working? is a series of his bi-monthly posts syndicated on the public Fulbrighter news page. It aims to encourage discussion about how we can make the most of our unique opportunity to co-design a healthy social media space, and Fulbrighters are encouraged to engage with his posts through comments!

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