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1) How to search and apply for a job or opportunity





Find your next job, internship or volunteering role through the career centre or take a look at the offers from other members of the community and apply directly online.



All jobs, both internal and external, that have been posted are listed for you. You are able to see a brief description of the job itself- title, location, offer, experience and start date. You can also see who posted the job offer. 



If you click on the job title, you will be able to see a job description. You can add a comment if necessary, as well as being able to like the listed position. A descriptive link can be included which will hyperlink to additional details on the job.



Click on the Apply, I'm interested button to contact the person who posted the job. Send them a brief message, expressing your interest in the job, and click the Send button.



Searching for jobs



You can filter jobs based on offer type, industries and you can also search by location. When you have selected suitable options, click search.  


Publishing an opportunity


If you wish to let your community know about: a new job/short term project/internship that has become available, help you find a new job/ partner for your new venture/contacts and leads/ internships.

Click the + Publish your opportunity button.  


You can add details about the opportunity that has arisen, or the help you require. You can add a suitable description and attachment, the text can be formatted and a relevant hyperlink added if necessary. A description URL will provide additional information on the opportunity/help that is required. Click the Publish button when you are happy with the details added.



Uploading your CV


If you haven't already done so, you can upload your CV/resume so that it is available for other members of the community to view and even download. Go to My profile and once you have clicked the edit button, you can upload your CV.  


Receiving notifications about jobs or help


To ensure that you are informed about any jobs or help that arise, go to My settings. Make sure that your preference is set to receive notifications about any offer or request that matches your skills/interest/location.


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