Fulbrighter Lauren Peace to conduct a journalistic research project on women in Kosovo

Jul 30, 2018


Beginning in August, Lauren Peace will conduct a journalistic research project in Kosovo that will explore stories of Kosovar women who have acted as catalysts for social and political change. Peace, who worked as a reporter at the Democrat & Chronicle before receiving the fellowship, was inspired to pursue this project after participating in the RIT Kosovo Peace and Conflict Summer Program in 2016. The program focuses on the background of the Kosovo conflict of the late 20th century, the period following the fighting and continuing challenges to conflict transformation and development. Peace sees the Fulbright fellowship as an opportunity to share compelling stories from the region more broadly.

“Many of the women I met in Kosovo were these incredibly strong, motivated, passionate, intelligent people really fighting for change in their country and doing incredible work on the global stage,” said Peace. “But I really haven’t seen a lot written about them and it hasn’t been very well documented. So, being a journalist and being already interested in women’s rights and movements, the project just kind of made sense.”

In addition to her main project, Peace also plans to volunteer as a youth soccer coach in Kosovo and establish a series of free soccer clinics for local girls. She said her experiences as a student-athlete at RIT taught her empowering lessons about leadership and teamwork that she hopes to impart on the Kosovar youth. Peace also credits the RIT Global office, the RIT School of Communication and Meredith Davenport, associate professor of photographic arts and sciences, for providing her the support to obtain the fellowship.

“I’ve been supported by everybody who I’ve interacted with through RIT,” said Peace. “I’m eternally grateful. While I was in the classroom they really had my back and were inspiring me, but even more so now that I am a professional. I am in touch with so many of my journalism professors, we go and get coffee and I’m still seeking advice and mentorship from them. The support I’ve received is phenomenal.”


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