Professor Joshua Pearce gives 3D Printing Lecture at the Université de Lorraine

Jul 10, 2018

Joshua Pearce, Profesor of Engineering Materials Science, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science at Michigan Technological University, gave a lecture entitled,"Will 3D Printing Print your next Lab?: Leveraging Improvements in Distributed Manufacturing for Open Source Scientific Hardware", covered by L'Est Republicain, discussing economic and egological benefits of household 3D printing at the Université de Lorraine in Nancy. He is a strong proponent of the environmental and ethical progress of technology. Pearce proposed the idea of reusing plastic waste in a "recycle-bot" 3D printer to create common household items. He also expressed a strong commitment to open source improvements for scientific equipment. In 2013, he made his blueprint of a 3D metal printer available for free to all. Professor Pearce continues his work on a joint research project, "Post Consumer Plastic Recycling Supported by Open Source Technologies" with the Université de Lorraine.

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