Update- Stand For Fulbright: Oppose a 71% Funding Cut

Mar 06, 2018

Please see below an important message from the Fulbright Association:

Here we go again. Last year, we successfully campaigned against a proposal by the Administration to cut the Fulbright Program by 47%. We stood together for Fulbright. Over 12,000 signed a petition. Thousands wrote and called Congress. Hundreds joined us on Capitol Hill for two Advocacy Days.

The Administration’s new budget for Fiscal Year 2019 proposes a 71% cut. 

No, that’s not a typo. If approved by Congress, a 71% cut could destroy the Program. For more than 71 years, the Fulbright Program has been a powerful force for peace, building relationships and understanding between the U.S. and 165 countries.

We need you to Stand for Fulbright and act against any cut. Please make your voice heard now to save the Fulbright Program.

Congress makes the final decisions on spending, and we are fortunate to enjoy bipartisan support on Capitol Hill. We must nurture that support and educate those in Congress who do not know about the Program or see its importance to national security, local economies, and international education.
We advocate best when we advocate together. Please join us in this effort to save the Fulbright Program, taking a stand for diplomacy and international understanding. We urge you to share this call to action through your personal network nationwide. If Congress hears from thousands of constituents, both Fulbrighters (140,000 U.S. alumni) and friends, we can save Fulbright — now and for the future.

We are asking members of the House and Senate:

  1. Not to support the Administration’s proposal to cut the Fulbright Program by 71%
  2. To restore Fulbright Program funding to the $252 million level for FY19

Funding Fulbright at $252 million this year is the first step of a four-year effort (at a 5% increase per year) to restore funding to FY 2010 levels. In real dollars, the Program has declined 17% to $240 million since then. Boosting its funding will ensure its future for the next generation.

Our advocacy platform includes a sample letter and phone script, and sends your message directly to your Congressional representatives electronically. We ask that you sign the petition there as well. The process only takes a few minutes, and has a real impact on the future of the Fulbright Program.


To maximize our collective impact, we encourage you to take action by Monday, March 19.
We will follow that immediately with an Advocacy Day on March 21, and then grassroots-level meetings during the spring recess. If you are interested in visiting your members of Congress at home in their districts, we can connect you with local chapter leadership to plan a meeting and provide materials to share with their offices. Please email us for more information about arranging local office visits.

Your actions — signing our petition, calling/writing, and visiting Congressional offices — will create powerful momentum to oppose the 71% cut and restore funding. As a valued member, you give the Fulbright Association credibility as the voice for the Fulbright Program.

All the information needed to sign the petition correctly can be found on the Fulbright website.

Please share on social media and other networks to spread the word.

Thank you very much for joining us to, once again, Stand for Fulbright.

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